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Mission of the Disability Specialty Group: To foster communication among members of the specialty group and to encourage research, education, and service that addresses issues of disability and chronic illness. The group will provide support and advocate with disabled members of the Association while working closely with other specialty groups to promote common interests and develop intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects. Membership dues of $4 (student $1) are waved for AAG members from developing regions.


Specialty Group Communication:  Much specialty group communication takes place across the GEOGABLE discussion list.  The GEOGABLE list for scholars in the humanities and social sciences who are interested in geographical and built environment issues as they relate to persons with disabilities and/or chronic illness.


For information on subscribing to the GEOGABLE list, please contact Mike Dorn: <mdorn@temple.edu>.  Information can also be found at the following page: http://isc.temple.edu/neighbor/service

feel free to contact the current officers with questions
regarding DAGIN, GEOGABLE & the AAG Disability Specialty Group.


Group By-Laws

2001-2002 DSG Report

2003 DSG Report

2004 DSG Report

2005 DSG Report

2006 DSG Report

2007 DSG Sessions*

2008 DSG Report


*Officers report on the 2007 Disability Symposium to be published shortly in Health and Place.


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