Introduction to the Gross Brain Atlas
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Welcome to the Sectional Atlas, featuring sections of the spinal cord and brain. Basically this is an emulation of what one would find on the Neuroanatomy Labs CD. At any rate, here are the instructions on utilizing the Atlas for study purposes:

1. Click on the radio button of a label presented on the page to view the corresponding image (see figure 1).

Figure 1

2. The image corresponding to the label will appear on the screen.

3. When you are done looking at the labels you want to look at on the section, you can move on to another
section by moving the mouse pointer over the menu on the navigation bar and clicking on the section you want to view (Figure 2).

Optionally, if you're just walking through the sections, you can also choose to click on the "next section >>" and "<< previous section" links at the top of the page; those links will take you to sections immediately following or preceding the current one.

Figure 2